CTF-BT-Peaceful ---------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Peaceful Creator: TheChance <> Released on: Mon 31 May 2004 Revision: 10
Technical Information ---------------------------------------------------------------- Game: Unreal Tournament Game Type: Bunny Track (CTF Instagib) Botmatch: No (there's no such thing as bot bunnies) Single Player: Possible (training) Teamplay: Possible Build Time: Less than 1 day Team Count: 2 Player Count: 8 (4 vs 4) Spawn Spots: 18 (9 vs 9) Items: Searchlights, Flashlights (but you can use your weapon too) Power Ups: Health Packs (even though they are not really necessary) Known Bugs: None
Installation ---------------------------------------------------------------- Unzip the .unr file in the Maps sub-directory of Unreal Tournament.
Map guide ---------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to a peaceful (yet difficult) bunnymap containing a lot of obstacles familiar to CTF players ;) If you can do these tricks fluently, you'll definitely know your way around regular CTF maps in tight spots. Unlike other bunnymaps, in this map bunnytrackers do not have to die and start all over again! =) Maybe this map doesn't really qualify as a real bunnymap, because the original bunnymap creators (#bunnytrack on believe that bunnytrackers DO have to die and start all over again. So this could even spawn a new game type like an obstacle course (remember PC Gamer Olympics). There are some obstacles in this map which may seem impossible. They are indeed possible, they are just very hard (like Gauntlet Jump III). Ofcourse boosting can take you past most obstacles, so the map (in a team game) is well suited for both average and experienced players alike. Allow me to guide you through the map ;) If you are having trouble with a particular obstacle and are very eager to find out how to pull it off, email me :) Both bases (red and blue) are entirely the same and are completely separated. Starting out in the mysterious red room (near the room with the flag), where you have to simply side-dodge on the ramp. Hint: Looking up while in the air may carry you away a further distance. This goes for regular jumps as well. Moving on to the platform room, starting with a well-timed jump on a fast moving obstacle. On the second platform, a very far dodge. And finally, a seemingly reversed dodge which is possible but can also be done with a regular jump. From here on you'll see things you will recognize, beginning with a part from November Sub (red base). This first one can all be done with simple jumps. The first Gauntlet obstacle can be done with either a jump or a dodge (left or right). Make sure to grab a light, because it'll get dark :) There's a flashlight (small) which has a finite durability and a searchlight (bigger) which lasts forever. You can ofcourse also use your weapon (like the instagib rifle) to light up the area. There will be more flashlights located further along the map. Entering a dark cave with an obstacle from Eternal Caves (blue base), where dodging (left or right) is the way out. The highest jump possible is landing directly on top of the wall. There's an extra space on the left to where you can practice dodging to. Entering a very dark shaft with a bit of a drop. But don't worry, there's a magic layer of hot air in there to slow you down. You'll find yet another Eternal Caves dodge obstacle (from red base) which is a bit harder. Even here it's possible to instantly land on top of the wall with a single dodge. If you get tired of this obstacle, there's a teleporter which will bring you back to the previous part. Going up again, hmmm.. looking familiar? Yep, another piece from November Sub (red base). You'll figure it out :o) Next is a blue room which may or may not seem familiar. It's a part from Eternal Caves (blue base). Possible in various ways, even with only regular jumps. Ah, but now you'll probably see something you know. You can get out of the water on 4 sides of the sub. The trick is to find the right spot, look for the lowest point to stand on - it's actually not as hard as it seems at first. There are again various ways to get on the sub once you're out of the water. The easiest is a double jump from the nearby platform. And finally a lifter to get to a higher area. If you can't make the jump, there's another platform to save you from falling back into the water, but sometimes you'll just have to practice swimming some more ;) Oh right, the flag, we'll get to that later. You can get there with a boost, but there's a button somewhere that opens the teleport back to the start. And you need boots to get to the teleporter :P When you made the jump on the ledge, you'll soon enough find yourself in another part from November (blue base). This one can seem a bit tricky, but if you remember the first part from November you'll know how to do this. There's a secret hiding spot on November you can't get out of which is where you need to go here. You'll find a secret passage there. Entering a purple room, the second Gauntlet obstacle. This can be done with either a side-dodge with a tiny run-up or a double jump with a larger run-up. You may wonder where you can find this in Gauntlet. It's in a blue area, a room with a lift and two windows. The window pointing to red base leading to a higher platform is exactly the same as this jump. Finally there's the third and final Gauntlet obstacle, solved with a side-dodge on a tiny slope/edge of one of the four diagonal corners. Don't worry if it doesn't work the first few hours ;) Not many people can do this one. You'll find some boots on top. Now look for a higher shaft, which leads to a red button. When touching it, the wall under you will open as well as an opening to the hidden teleporter in the sub area, which should be located right in front of you after you grab the flag. If you can't find it, look in the same direction as when you were when looking at the red button. When you have the flag, jump down on the lower part of the sub, and jump up again (with boots!) to reach the teleporter, which leads back to the flag room, so you can cap! :) If you save one boot jump you can skip a number of obstacles at the beginning. Boots will make the dodge at the beginning easier too. After the dodge, make a 90 degrees left (or right) and jump to the 'spectator platform' which leads to the first November room. In case you have any questions, email me ;) Have fun! =)
Credits ---------------------------------------------------------------- As various parts were taken from other maps, the creators of the following maps should be given credit as well: CTF-November CTF-Gauntlet CTF-EternalCave Also, many people have helped testing this map so they should be credited too. Not forgetting those who download the map, play the map or host the map. Then again, being inspired by all those other maps from Unreal Tournament, maybe they should be credited too. And even then, the people that I've met and played with, having lead me to this point, should be credited as well. And ofcourse all those other people who have played a part in my life to having shaped me the way I am now, having been able to create this map. Even though the former does specify only people, perhaps many other things (such as physical items) should be included as well. You know, causality is bi.. g cookie :P
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