This game is based on, which is a multiplayer only game, 2D top down view,
where you and your team establish a base, quickly placing weak (or strong) towers,
connecting them together to create a network of walls, while fighting other teams
doing the same, with the ultimate goal of conquering the entire map.

The magic of this game lies in its simplicity and the ability to capture
other team's towers, land, and players, by surrounding them with your walls,
making the towers and players inside vulnerable and easy to eliminate.

Each player controls a space craft to fire and build with,
and can be upgraded to either increase fire power, build power, or a mix,
in addition to acquiring a multitude of special abilities (temporary and permanent).

StarZone Download Index:
- Pick a version
- The latest version has the newest date/time, contained in a ZIP file,
  containing a (Windows) executable, and all media in sub-folders (source included).
  Extract to a (writeable) folder of your choice and you're ready to go!

General information
Why did you create Star Zone?                                      (12 Apr 2022)

  StarZone was created for many reasons:
  1) When your ping is really bad (or you have no internet),
     you can still play, and without any latency.
  2) Sound effects!
  3) More ship/copter health, so you don't die in 1 shot!
  4) Having more options, game modes, upgrades, abilities and features :D
  5) You can hold down right mouse button to build towers!
     And you can shoot and build simulateously!  (Your mouse is saved!)
  6) Distinction between shielded and unshielded towers (no more accidents!)
  7) If you feel frustrated and want to get your energy out,
     this game with its customizable options will provide an excellent outlet.
     (The AI players don't mind taking the heat!)

Which features are in Star Zone?                                   (12 Apr 2022)

  - All basic features (almost!).
  - Full upgrades (7+1) and partially implemented special abilities (2 of 12).
  - Sound effects and speech!
  - XP objects to more quickly gain XP when starting out.
  - Customizable game settings/rules: AI settings, max levels, map size,
    (14!) teams, (100+) players, scenarios, etc.
  - Use multiple special abilities simultaneously!
  - Special abilities with multiple upgrade levels, such as multi-shot up to 8x!
  - Berserker mode: all your special abilities become overpowered.
  - Zoom ability: you can zoom the game in and out.
  - Slow motion: will give you extra time in tricky situations.
  - AI players that can give you a real challenge, especially when together.
  - Challenge mode has 90 levels,
    each with different scenarios, victory & berserker mode conditions.
  - Customizable game appearance: change details of ships, towers, walls, etc.
  - Customizable 'skins' (images for ships/copters).
  - You can see an overview of teams/players while inside the game.
  - Change your (or other) team's color(s) while playing.
  - You gain XP levels from enemies crashing into your walls (It has your name on it),
    the same way you would when hitting enemies with your bullets.
  - Cheats!  Such as increasing your XP like in if you're in a hurry.
  - To escape, all ships/copters can fly beyond the map boundary, if enabled.

What's missing in Star Zone?                                       (12 Apr 2022)

  - Currently, the best feature of, capturing towers/walls/players.
    with your own team's towers/walls is not implemented yet (it's complicated) :)
  - Windows PC platform only, unless you're interested in assisting this project :)
  - Many special abilities are not implemented yet, such as the most basic ones
    from (see below).
  - Pickups: giving you temporary powerups, in addition to upgrades/specials,
    such as XP/Level packs, Multi-Fire, Multi-Damage, Invulnerability,
    Invisibility, and temporary Berserker mode.
  - Overkill mode: increase your max levels by 8!
  - XP particles and more XP objects: gain XP in even more interactive ways.
  - Debris from collisions: adding a bit more variation, risk and excitement.
  - Easy (mouse) click user interface:
    most options are only available through shortcut keys (see below).
  - Not yet fully optimized, so may not run as fast as desired on low end PCs.

What about game modes?                                             (04 Apr 2022)

  - More game modes are partly implemented,
    such as Excessive mode, Tournament mode, and The Horde.
    You can preview these by playing the later Challenge mode levels.
    Check out the challenge level index (further below).
  - Other upcoming game modes include: Arena, Survival, Handicap,
    Capture The Flag (CTF), and The Chase.

Special abilities?                                                 (24 Feb 2022)

  - The following special abilities are not implemented yet:
    speed, dodge, shield, flash bang, grabber, tower arm, double build distance,
    teleport, grenade, clone.
  - Other special abilities planned:
    builder aura, cannon, drones, double tower health/shield.

Are there bugs in Star Zone?                                       (12 Apr 2022)

  - Yes, there are plenty of bugs!
    (But most of them do not break the game)
  - At this point, most of the major bugs have been fixed, yay :)
  - There are still many things to be fixed, improved, and expanded.
    (The list is over 1,500 lines long!)

Where can I find more about Star Zone?

  I have also created a Discord server where you can closely follow the development:

Detailed information
GAMEPLAY                                                           (12 Apr 2022)

  Ship movement

    Each player can control their ship (spacecraft, copter or custom model)
    using the arrow keys or W/S/A/D keys for moving,
    as well as using the mouse for aiming
    and left mouse button (or Enter) for shooting projectiles,
    and right mouse button (or Space) for building towers.
    Hold Shift to prevent walls from being connected/built when touching towers,
    which also prevents shooting and building.


    Each ship can be upgraded and customized using experience points (XP) gained,
    either by hitting enemy ships, hitting XP objects (if enabled),
    shooting enemy towers, or building towers, in this order of decreasing value.
    Destroying enemy ships will give you 1/3rd of their experience points,
    as all ships will keep 2/3rd of their XP value when respawning.


    With every level gained - see bottom left of your Heads-Up-Display (HUD) -
    you can either upgrade your ship's basic specifications (using the number keys 1..8)
    or upgrade your ship's special abilities (using the function keys F1..F12).

    Holding the Shift key you can downgrade any specification or special ability
    so you can quickly reconfigure your ship on the fly!
    See further below for the full list of upgrades and specials.

  HUD (Heads-Up-Display)

    You can also directly interact with the HUD to upgrade and downgrade ship abilities.
    Use Tab or ~ (above Tab) to bring up the basic or special abilities panel.
    Then hold Shift and use left/right mouse button to upgrade/downgrade an ability.
    Holding the Ctrl key will upgrade/downgrade a full row (8 slots).


    Special abilities can be activated/deactivated on the HUD by holding Shift
    and clicking left mouse button on the specific special ability.

    Alternatively you can use the F key or middle mouse button
    to toggle the highlighted special ability,
    and you can use the Q/E keys or mouse wheel to scroll the highlighted cursor.
    Holding Ctrl while pressing F will either activate all toggleable abilities,
    or deactivate all, depending on any already being active.

    Some special abilities (such as multi shot) can be toggled on and off on the fly,
    while some others (such as teleport) use a cool-down when activated (toggle on only),
    and yet some others (such as dodge) are permanently activated.


    This game was originally built like a sandbox (now called Free Mode)
    where you can control all the parameters of the current scenario in real-time.

    The game starts in Free Mode (indicated on bottom left on HUD)
    where you have full/convenient access to all shortcut keys to control the scenario.
    You can also invoke different gamemodes (such as Challenge Mode)
    which provide a range of custom-built levels.

  Free Mode

    Add or remove AI players using the ( and ) keys,
    and add or remove AI teams by holding Ctrl and pressing + or -.
    You can monitor this using Shift + V to show all teams/players.
    Check out other options to control the AI in the controls list below.

  Challenge Mode

    Each level in challenge mode has unique scenario conditions,
    starting with fairly easy, but quickly ramping up to extremely hard.
    In general, each level is completed when all enemy players/teams are eliminated.
    Toggle the challenge mode navigation menu with Ctrl + Alt + C.

  Slow motion

    Toggle slow motion using the Z key to give you extra time
    to (re)configure your ship, at the start of a level, or during a level.
    Some challenge levels give you a certain amount of levels at the start,
    and slow motion can save your ship by giving you just a few more seconds
    before "the horde" comes your way!

  Berserker mode

    During each challenge level (usually at the end), Berserker mode is engaged,
    depending on your current amount of XP gained (see bottom left of HUD).
    Berserk (temporary/time-based) or berserker mode (permanent/life-based)
    amplifies your ship's special abilities to a whole new level.
    Check out the upgrades and specials list below to see the differences,
    and see Challenge Mode below on how to invoke this delicious rage :)

  Team elimination

    When a team's players can no longer respawn, a count down is started,
    after which a team is permanently eliminated.
    Note that all of a team's towers must also be destroyed
    in the current version of the game.

    When the game starts, the (re)spawn conditions are very flexible,
    but later on become a little bit more strict (after 5 minutes),
    so it becomes easier to eliminate teams,
    e.g. by placing your towers all over the map, to fill empty spaces.


    Change your team's color manually using H and Shift + H,
    and toggle automatic random team colors using Ctrl + H.
    All ships' models can be toggled using the / key.
    If the AI player names are in the way,
    toggle them using N (game screen) and/or Shift + N (leaderboard).

  Challenge complete/foiled

    Manually switch challenge levels using the buttons (bottom right of HUD)
    at the start or end (complete or foiled) of each challenge level,
    or use the Ctrl + Alt + ( and ) keys to quickly switch.
    However, you can also use Ctrl + Alt + P to invoke a numerical input dialog.

    Especially in Free Mode you can most easily experiment
    with your ship's abilities and special abilities
    using the R key (with or without Ctrl) to give all players levels.
    There are some more cheat keys, if you are in a really frenzy mood ;)

Created by Teasy
Copyright (C) 2020-2022
All rights reserved