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This program allows 2 people to connect to each other and draw simultaneously.
Uses a single TCP port, which you can change (optional).
One person can host and another can connect.
For more information on connections, see my Connection Problems? page.

I've created this tool to easily explain things visually via the internet,
without the need for, for example, a webcam.
Multiple brushes, colors and other features are included
to make explaining and working together easier.
Enter test at the first prompt to run locally.
And press F1 for help.

By default qDoodle runs at 800x600 using auto-detected colordepth,
which usually is 16-bit, and using a resizable window.
But you can change this, using the following command line parameters:
- 16: Force 16-bit color depth.
- 24: Force 24-bit color depth.
- 32: Force 32-bit color depth.
- F, Full, FullScreen: Force fullscreen mode.
- W, Win, Window, Windowed: Force static window mode.
Example: qDoodle 16 Win

This package contains a Windows executable, and a connection guide.

Created by Teasy
Copyright (C) 2007
All rights reserved