Prepare For Change

Prepare For Change mass meditation initiatives

Global synchronized meditations coordinated by many members of the Prepare For Change Network.

COEO Meditations

The official PFC guided audio meditation platform.

International Golden Age Group

The elaborate eastern PFC meditation and video streaming initiative.

Meditations & Healings
On-The-Go app

Numerous daily online guided audio meditations and healings for browser, mobile and desktop.

Reference Websites

Valuable sources of information, expansion of social interaction and networking, all part of the Prepare For Change Network.

We Love Mass Meditation

Coordinated and collaborative mass meditation initiatives, responding to planetary needs.

COEO GeoSocial Network

Socialize and collaborate with many thousands of lightbeings.

Prepare For Change

The official PFC website, with a host of valuable information and initiatives.

COBRA Portal

The main outlet for the Resistance Movement, with regular intelligence updates.