Unreal Tournament Energy Music Volume One
Mixed by TheChange (T-C) on 6 August 2001

This piece of music was originally written to give something extra while playing
Unreal Tournament. The best way to use this is to run WinAmp on a second machine
and start it just before the 20 minute game. If you have a keyboard with special
keys to control WinAmp you can just run WinAmp in the background. And the common
way would be to keep Unreal Tournament running in a window and activate the song
(perhaps by using a shortcut) right before the game starts.

Energy Music is intended to motivate and give new energy while performing rather
difficult tasks. While playing Energy Music on a low volume it will be easier to
focus on the task at hand while still getting the maximum from the tune.

High Quality - 16bit 44KHz Stereo - MPEG Layer-3 Max VBR - 33 Megabytes

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ICQ: 15402576
Yahoo: TheChange

Sources Used:
Intro - Summoning
BomFunk MC's - Freestyler (Envoice Remix)
Antiloop - Purpose In Life
DJ Ferry - Track 05
Various Artists - RR Workshop - Mess With Da Bull
Propellerheads - Spybreak
Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive (rmx)
Outro - Composium

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