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- Try E-mail first as I use it the most, followed by other alternatives.
- E-mail response time can sometimes be weeks, months or years, depending on energy fluxuations in the matrix.
- If you know any spammers, please hunt them down yourself; I am retired
Electronic mail
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Web chat
- Group TeasyChat on Chatango (also on this page)

- Discord: Prepared For The Change: Online Healings and Meditations on-the-go
- YouTube: Video sharing
- SoundCloud: Music (+sounds) sharing
- Your Listen: Music (+sounds) sharing
- ImageShack: Image (+video) sharing
- SoCoder: Game programming

Instant messenger
- Skype: tc15402576 (Teasy Love)
- Yahoo: TheChange (T C)
- ICQ: 15402576 (TheChange)
- AIM: TC 15402576 (T-C)
- MSN (old): (mailbox inactive and unused)
- MSN (new): (my real email)
- XFire (crossfire): thechange (Teasy) (rarely used)
Recommended chat application: Miranda

- QuakeNet ( #AINet
Connect and chat now using QuakeNet WebChat
- Blitzed ( #AINet
Connect and chat now using Blitzed WebChat

Passed on:
- Facebook: Teasy Love (CIA/NSA population tracking network)
- Extraterrestrials: Ning community
- WorldUnity forum: Dutch awareness community
- Niburu.CO forum: Dutch awareness community
- ClanBase: Gaming leagues
- FunnyMen (DutchNet forums): Unreal Tournament clan (game group)
- Niburu forum: Dutch awareness community
- BlitzCoder: Warm game programming community
- Quasar: European UT nwCTF clan
- P*STARS: European UT iCTF clan & community
- Calamity4: European UT nwCTF clan